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Welcome to my professional website!  I hope it can be a useful resource to you.  My goal is to provide professional information about myself for students and colleagues, as well as useful links and information for fellow scholars, educators, and musicians.  Please check back to see updates to the site as they are made.  

If you are part of the University of Arizona and wish to make an appointment during my available office hours, please use my UA Google Corso Office Hours (Live) calendar to meet with me in my office (Room 147 in the Music Building).  (Please note: In-person office hours are unavailable at this time due to the pandemic.)  I also have "virtual" office hours available for those times when I am not on campus.  Audio- or video-conferencing is available via Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, or FaceTime.  Please see my UA Google Corso Office Hours (Virtual) calendar to make a remote, tele-conferencing appointment.   Those individuals who are from institutions or organizations outside UA or anyone who has questions, please contact me with the information provided in the "Contact Info" section on the left-hand bar. 

You might be interested in news coverage of some of the activities in which my students and I are involved.  Let us know if you are interested in learning more.  Thank you for visiting!

Ensemble Brings Sounds of Ireland to UA

UA News, 03/14/2019

by Alexis Blue and Bob Demers


Arizona Illustrated, 11/30/2016

by Dan Kruse and Bob Lindberg